Boys Council

Growing Up a Teenage Boy in Current Society

January 2020: Once a week, 10 weeks

Being a teen in today’s society can be challenging to navigate. While the challenges exist for all teens, boys are not often presented an opportunity to talk about them. As a society, we often assume that boys do not want to talk about their feelings or the difficulties they are presented with. They are often shut down and out and left to deal on their own. Boys Council provides boys with the platform and space to discuss the unique challenges they face growing up male in today’s society. 

As a school counselor, I have run a number of Boys Councils. Last year, I began my work with groups of 7th and 8th grade boys. I sought out boys to participate in group who had not shown interest in counseling in the past. The groups were originally meant to run 10 weeks. At the end of the 10 weeks, all the boys asked to continue throughout the year, as they wanted the space to talk about and share their daily dilemmas. They wanted to talk openly about peer relationships and societal pressures, among many other topics. The word has spread, and this year, over 50 boys are self-selecting to participate in Boys Council. Clearly, the demand is there for boys to have a safe space to discuss the pressures they are facing. 

How It Works

Adolescence is hard. The most important aspect of this time is life is the relationships that are built. As humans, we value to the connections we make with others and enjoy the comfort of shared experience. In Boys Council, six boys come together to create a group that builds trust and platform for exploration of self in a confidential and non-judgmental environment. The group runs for 10 weeks, meeting once a week for an hour. The group utilizes dynamic activities that support boys to open up and share with each other. 


Young men gain skills and knowledge to navigate growing up male in today’s society through the introduction of topics and experiential activities that address a myriad of relevant challenges - safely, powerfully, and within the spirit of “council” connection. Boys will explore: relationships, conflict resolution, education, leadership, community service, diversity, mass media messages, personal values, integrity, and future goals.

Ages 14-18

Boys Council meets on Mondays from 5:30-6:30pm. 

Week 1 (1/6/20): Creating Our Council

Week 6 (2/10/20): Healthy Relationships

Week 2 (1/13/20): Connecting Our Council

Week 7 (2/17/20): Boys and the Media

Week 3 (1/20/20): Strength Through Diversity

Week 8 (2/24/20): Conflict Resolution

Week 4 (1/27/20): Mentors, Role Models, Heroes

Week 9 (3/2/20): No One Walks Alone

Week 5 (2/3/20): Unlocking the Code

Week 10 (3/9/20): Living and Leaving a Legacy


The Boys Council Program is $425 ($42.50 per session) for the 10 week program.

Reserve a Spot

To reserve a spot, please call or email Andy Krauthoefer at: