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Counseling Approach


individual psychology and humanistic:

My approach is based primarily off the work of Alfred Adler and his theory of Individual Psychology. I believe that all people are a product of their history, family dynamics, and life experiences. While people are shaped by their experiences, they are not victims of them. Everyone is able to achieve meaningful and rewarding goals, to have a positive sense of self, and to be connected to people or the world around them. In addition, I take aspects of the humanistic or client centered approach. I believe that people are the experts on their own lives and are capable of growing, developing, and realizing their potential. I place a strong value on the therapeutic relationship between the client and counselor. The relationship is developed through collaborative goal setting, shared expectations in counseling, and in practicing empathy. I also use aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in my work, primarily as it relates to Anxiety.

Counseling takes work. It requires the client to participate and be willing to face the challenges that come with self-reflection and growth. My approach is to not give advice unless it is sought out by a client. I will support you to identify different perspectives and help you see yourself, your experiences, and your relationships through an alternate lens. With dedication, I believe anyone can find the outcomes they are seeking through counseling.



NCC: National Certified Counselor

LSC: Licensed Professional School Counselor

LPCi: Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (under supervision)

Oregon Special Education Teaching License: Endorsements of Autism Spectrum Disorder and English to Speakers of Other Languages


University of Minnesota: Bachelors of Arts - Spanish Studies and Business

Oregon State University Cascades: Masters of Counseling

current professional work:

Full time Professional School Counselor at the middle school level.

Adjunct Instructor: Oregon State University Cascades - Masters of Counseling Program.